The Animated Forest

As a competition from Epic Retreats we won the opportunity to construct a small cabin for Glamping in Wales. We wanted to create a memorable space to relax and enjoy the raw aesthetic of nature whilst providing a cosy and comfortable space to relax. The exterior is designed to resemble a creature meandering through the landscape, its Cor-ten and stained timber cladding ageing naturally alongside its context. With a modest budget and short time-scale we focused our effort on employing digital modelling and fabrication techniques to deliver a highly bespoke and unique space.
The cabin features puncturing skylights to capture views of the forest and sky whilst reflecting diffuse light into the space below. A circular door rolls open to provide a free threshold between nature and interior complementing the long views framed by the padded luxury leather bedding area. The tailored sink and plumbing provides an element of luxury and craft alongside the raw spruce cladding of the interior, whilst the dark stained shower space lit from above creates a dramatic and intimate experience.
Date:  29/05/2017
The Animated Forest | Francis and Arnett