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2019-12-14 17:59

5 year time hopOn 24th July 2010 Kilkenny Kettlebell Club hosted the first ever Kettlebell Sport Competition in Ireland in Kilkenny. 42 people competed in Women& Men's Biathlon. (mostly from Ireland and a few from Wales). Results are below (see comments). WowMay 23, 2019  Irelands first Grassroots Kettlebell League competition takes place at The Strength Room, Cork on Saturday 8th April 2017. Join other lifters from all over the world taking part in the league by competing as this event or other Irish Grassroots events which will take place throughout the year. irish kettlebell competition results

The AIKLF is recognised as the single national governing body by the IUKL for all aspects of Kettlebell sport in Ireland, including its disciplines and events. The AIKLF has a leadership structure that is democratically elected by the membership. The organisation has been established since 24th Aug 2008. The promotion of Kettlebell sport is the

Mar 08, 2016  Again, the California Open Kettlebell Championship proved to be a World contender for most attended kettlebell sport competition. With lifters flying into Costa Mesa, Californias very own Innovative Results (IR), to lift in Orange Kettlebell Clubs (OKC) greatest Irish Kettlebell Sports Championships, kilkenny. 1, 267 likes. The Irish Kettlebell Sport Championships will take place on Saturday 13th July 2019 inirish kettlebell competition results Jul 17, 2015  This past Saturday I participated in my first kettlebell competition. It was a Bolt competition put on by the IKLF (International Kettlebell Lifting Federation). In case youre not aware, the Bolt rules make competing in kettlebells more user friendly than the original kettlebell sport.

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Last weekend saw the third Irish Kettlebell Sports Championships, once again run by the lads at the Kilkenny Kettlebell Club and the EGSA. The event was fantastic, the lads really have got the running of a competition down. There were in the region of 30 men and 20 or so women competing in the Biathlon event, which is Jerks followed by Snatch. irish kettlebell competition results This will be a monthly newsletter which will inform all AIKLF members of what is happening in the world of Irish Kettlebell Lifting. This months edition will include a report on the recent AGM, the inclusion of Female One Arm Long Cycle (OALC) at IUKL international events, club spotlights, upcoming competition dates and national team qualifiers. May 23, 2019  The 2019 Irish Kettlebell Sport Championships will take place in Cork on Saturday 13th July 2019. Lift Options: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, half marathon (30 mins) and marathon (60 mins)Weights: Grassroots all weights from 4kg36kg10 minute& marathon and half marathon lifts all weights from 4kg32kgIf you missed the qualifiers for the Irish Team in March All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation. 2, 098 likes 15 talking about this. Set up and establish new Kettlebell Clubs around Ireland, holding Leave this field empty if you're human: About; Join; Contact 2018 English Kettlebell Association. Created by: Moggy Tech Ltd Skip to toolbar

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