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2019-12-14 19:15

Forensic Science Degree Programs and Common Career Paths. The goal for many graduates of forensic science degree programs is to get a job as a crime scene investigator or within a lab processing evidence. To get these jobs, you'll need at least a bachelor's degree.Three Schools for Crime Scene Investigation Loyola University New Orleans With one of the oldest criminal justice departments in the south and a competitive chemistry department, Loyola University New Orleans offers multiple avenues for becoming involved with universities with crime scene investigation majors

May 28, 2014 While crime scene investigation can be a standalone major, it is also often available as a specialty within forensic science or criminal justice. Prerequisites The requirements for crime scene investigation colleges vary depending on the degree level that you pursue.

Many of these classes take place in the Crime Laboratory of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), located on the Washburn University campus. Built in 2015, this unique space offers a vehicle bay for identifying and processing evidence, a crime scene reconstruction room, and an outside space secured and dedicated for other forensic activities. Careers in crime scene investigation generally require earning an associate or bachelor's degree in crime scene forensics, criminal justice, forensic science or a related field. Students may also need to earn state licensure or specialized certification for a particular concentration in their field.universities with crime scene investigation majors Which College Majors Offer Courses in Crime Scene Investigation? Crime scene investigation combines the science of forensics with onthegroundpolice work to collect physical evidence for testing. Crime scene investigators benefit from having knowledge in areas such as medical investigation and ballistics.

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Virginia's Community Colleges offer associate degrees in forensic science that are designed to be transferred towards a 4year degree. Pima Community College offers a Crime Scene Management certificate program. Nashville State Community College offers Crime Scene Investigation A. A. S degrees with an emphasis on Police Science. universities with crime scene investigation majors Aspen University in Denver, Colorado offers an online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a concentration on Major Crime Scene Investigation Procedure degree program. It provides students with indepth knowledge of techniques and methods of criminal and homicide investigations.

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