Downhill skateboarding competition

2019-11-20 17:34

A list of upcoming and past skateboarding industry events and competitions. The Boardr hosts top quality professional and amateur skateboarding events around the world such as the Vans Park Series, The Boardr Am, Copenhagen Pro, Grind for Life Series, and many more.Oct 21, 2013 Dalua Downhill The World Longboarding Championships in Teutonia, Brazil is one of the best known downhill skateboarding event. An inside look on the event and interviews of the crazy guys who downhill skateboarding competition

Jul 04, 2019  Downhill Skateboarders Seek 'Mellow' 70 MPH In Western Mass. Competition 05: 00. X. Emily Pross, a fourtime womens downhill skateboarding world

Aug 13, 2013 Almabtrieb is one of the most remarkeable longboard downhill competitions worldwide. All the stars like James Kelly, Patrick Switzer, Luis Pelloni or Erik Lundberg join this race! Camera The British Downhill Skateboarding League (BDSL) is a points based UK Racing league. Founded by the Brianne Collective and friends, it aims to grow participation in the sport through competition.downhill skateboarding competition Skateboarding events and competitions an interactive calendar of skateboarding contests, events, trade shows, and anything else skateboarding, all over the world. If you have an event that you think should be listed here, please email me!

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