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wow. the first response has CLEARLY been written by someone who has never been to el salvador. soyapango is known to be a shitty area of the city, however, its a great place for me to go for shopping because you can find certain things cheaper there. overall, the gangMar 02, 2016  They found the sergeants severed head on a bridge. His name was Baltazar Olayzola Diaz, and he had served with the Soyapango municipal police force. Baltazars beheading, the national police soyapango crime

Soyapango is a municipality in the San Salvador department of El Salvador. Soyapango is a commercial center. The municipality is the third most populated area in the country, with 290, 412 inhabitants. Soyapango is a satellite city of San Salvador and it is the main thoroughfare between San Salvador and the eastern part of the country, and nearly 70, 000 vehicles travel through it every day.

Districts 3 and 4 are the safest in the country; their crime rates are comparable to those of European cities. Districts 1 and 2 have a slightly higher crime rate than 3 or 4, while District 5, bordering San Marcos, and District 6, bordering Soyapango, have the highest crime rates. Homicide Jun 06, 2014 Tattoed: A gang suspect lies detained on the floor in a crimeridden part of the Soyapango neighbourhood. Mr Sochor said the tattoos reminded him of warriorssoyapango crime In 2018, the municipalities of San Salvador (13), San Miguel (8), Mejicanos (7), Soyapango (6), and Apopa (6) were the top five municipalities as a percentage of all homicides. Together, the five municipalities registered 40 of crime, but only 22 of the countrys population.

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Nov 21, 2016  Unlike other groups considered global organized crime syndicates, the Salvadoran gangs do not survive on the international trafficking of cocaine, arms soyapango crime Gangs and Violent Crime Around 4, 000 murders a year occur on the streets of El Salvador, with gangs taking control of many areas. The country's capital, San Salvador, is where most of the violent attacks take place, but some areas are obviously more at risk than others. I'm heading to El Salvador with a friend (who is from San Salvador but moved to the states years ago) in a couple of weeks and will be staying the first few days of my trip with some of his family in Soyapango. They plan to drive us around to show us the sights which sounds great and since we won't be staying in a hotel we will be saving some money. Mara Salvatrucha13 gang member captured in El Salvador on February 8, 2008 in Soyapango, reportedly one of the most dangerous areas of El Salvador. Mara Salvatrucha, or MS13, is one of the worlds largest and most violent street gangs. It is also one of the least understood, making it difficult for policymakers and law enforcement to confront. InSight Crime Analysis. In Soyapango, residents were displaced from the El Guaje neighborhood in 2010 as gangs sought control over recreational space which served as a place for them to congregate. The difference between then and now is the gang truce, brokered by

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