Renault 4 ever design competition

2019-11-20 04:38

Finalist in RENAULT 4 EVER competition organized by designboom, in collaboration with RENAULT The return system allows users to return their car to Renault centers at the end of their life cycle inThe 'RENAULT 4 ever' competition asked participantsto continue the 4L's image as a reliable means of transport with a refreshed, contemporary interpretation. Designers were also asked to envision ways the vehicle construction could achieve a positive eff renault 4 ever design competition

the RENAULT 4 has been the third bestselling model in automobile history and has become an international pop style icon. your new design project should respect the identity of the historical R4

The Renault 4 (or 4L, pronounced Quatrelle) was produced from 1961 until 1992 and is the topselling French car of all time, with more than eight million units built. To celebrate this anniversary, Designboom and Renault have launched a design competition called Renault 4 Ever. The Renault 4 Ever Design Competition Asks You to Redesign the Classic Car June 16th, 2011 How would you redesign the Renault 4? Designboom and Renault have teamed up to challenge designers torenault 4 ever design competition the renault 4 ever competition, held by renault in accordance with designboom, asked contestants to redesign the classic R4 model, respecting the signature design. the RENAULT 4 has been the third

Renault 4 ever design competition free

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