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2020-02-22 01:05

WellPlanned Crime Five Gunmen Robbed Bank in 1933 Editor's note: Reprinted below is an account of the 1933 robbery of Brainerd's First National Bank, one of Brainerd's most notorious crimes. Although the bandits escaped, it was later indicated that they were led by Baby Face Nelson, a wellknown gunman of the prohibition period.Discover Brainerd Daily Dispatch Crime clippings from 2. 73 billion old newspaper articles about 5. 6 billion people! brainerd daily dispatch crime

Police Blotter Aug. 17. Brainerd police ARRESTSA 26yearold man was arrested at 3: 54 p. m. Wednesday, Aug. 15, for domestic assault and disorderly conduct following

TWO 1918 Brainerd policemen pose for a picture in full iniform. They are Hans Sande (left) and Erick Graff. Early Policemen TWO 1918 Brainerd policemen pose for a picture in full iniform. THE 1916 Brainerd police force, pictured here included the following men: The plain clothes men at either end were Jack Brandt (left) and Ted Nesheim; (front row, Brainerd Daily Dispatch is a newspaper based in brainerd, minnesota. Newspaper Archives are an incredible resource when tracing your people to uncover treasures from the past about your ancestors. The Brainerd Daily Dispatch historical newspaper collection has been preserved on microfilm and it includes full images of every page.brainerd daily dispatch crime

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