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9 The Patomskiy Crater. In 1949, geologist Vadim Kolpakov set off on an expedition to Siberia, not realizing that he was about to discover one of the strangest unsolved mysteries in the world: the Patomskiy crater. As Kolpakov traveled deep into almost uncharted territory, the local Yakut people warned him not to go on,Apr 05, 2017  The case of the murder of Betsy Aardsma has never been solved over the past fortyeight years. The Pennsylvania State Police are still seeking information in the unsolved murder. The Black Dahlia. The Black Dahlia is a nickname used to refer to Elizabeth Short, greatest crimes never solved

Jun 16, 2014 Whether it's a legendary monster or a strange disappearance, the Internet loves to get in screaming matches about mysteries that apparently leave a lot to the imagination. But it turns out that if everyone would just shut up for a couple seconds, they'd find out that a lot of our favorite unanswered questions do in fact have answers.

In this world humans always tried to solve every problems and got success but some mysteries are never be solved from any one since long time in the world, even after trying hard for it, so take a look and think about it. 1. The mighty Incan Empire of South America. The mighty Incan Empire of South America flourished between 1200 and 1535 AD. This is probably the biggest mystery in American history that will never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction. On Nov. 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was shot in Dallas by Lee Harvey Oswald (although some speculate that he wasn't the only one shooting).greatest crimes never solved Mar 22, 2010  So, in apology for our hubris, please enjoy this Cracked Classic, as well as these similar articles about unsolved mysteries and also that one article where we solved a bunch of mysteries no one else could 'cause we're so smart and dammit, we're doing it

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Mar 31, 2018  Visit my Patreon: Music Used: Intro: Bent and Broken Kevin MacLeod (incompetech. com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By greatest crimes never solved These strange factors have led many to think the victim was a cold war spy who was murdered in cold blood, but the crime was never solved. Unsolved Mysteries. To this day, these murder mysteries remain unsolved. The cases have garnered a great deal of publicity and media attention due to the unknown aspects of each respective murder. 8 Cold Cases We Never Thought Would Be Solved Unsolved mysteries: they're the stuff of the cop shows we watch late at night, the suspense novels we guiltily read, the blockbuster thrillers we see in theaters. Sep 17, 2013  Whitechapel Killings Possibly one of the most famous unsolved crimes ever, in 1888 there were eleven brutal murders committed in the Whitechapel District of Londons east end. All of the victims were prostitutes murdered by the same killer who became known as Jack the Ripper and whos identity has never been uncovered.

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