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2019-11-17 15:32

Bosnia War Crimes: 'The rapes went on day and night Robert Fisk, in Mostar, gathers detailed evidence of the systematic sexual assaults on Muslim women by Serbian 'White Eagle' gunmen. When the Serbs doubted the claim of two women that they were pregnant they took them to aJul 21, 2015 The 38 Serbs could now face charges of war crimes during the 1991 SerbCroat war. Croatian soldiers were also accused of atrocities against civilians during the August offensive. serb croat war crimes

croatian war crimes against serbs were so evident, and on such large scale, that western controlled icty had no choice, but to sentence croatian leadership Western controlled ICTY (International Crime Tribunal for Yugoslavia) reluctantly brought charges for war crimes and ethnic cleansing, against (war time) ultranationalistic Croatian leadership and group of its generals.

Sep 27, 2017  He became Australias first extradited war crimes suspect. While praised in Serbia and among Serbs worldwide as disciplined soldier with no mercy, in Croatia he was known as a smug selfpromoting commander of a special forces unit, the feared Kninjas, that sought to drive out ethnic Croats from the border area known as Krajina (territory covering about 13 of Croatia and occupied by Serbs during the war Nov 29, 2017  A former Bosnian Croat military commander swallowed what he said was poison in a U. N. war crimes courtroom on Wednesday and died shortlyserb croat war crimes Oct 16, 2018 After a highprofile protest alleging a lack of prosecutions for war crimes against Croats, a new report says there have been few convictions for crimes against Croatian Serbs.

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Bosnian War, ethnically rooted war in Bosnia and Herzegovina that took place from 1992 to 1995. After years of bitter fighting between Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims), Serbs, and Croats as well as the Yugoslav army, a NATOimposed final ceasefire was negotiated at Dayton, Ohio, U. S. , in 1995. serb croat war crimes Apr 15, 2011 Croatian generals jailed for war crimes against Serbs. Croatian forces committed acts of murder, cruel treatment, inhumane acts, destruction, plunder, persecution and deportation. There was a widespread and systematic attack directed against this Serb civilian population, [creating an environment in which those present there had no choice but to leave, the judges found. Nov 22, 2017  Mladic convicted of genocide and war crimes by UN tribunal of ethnic cleansing aimed at creating a Greater Serbia during Bosnias civil war between Croats mourn war criminal as The Bosnia Crisis: Serbs, Croats and Muslims: who hates who and why: Tony Barber in Zagreb traces the ancient roots of a culture clash that has shattered what was Yugoslavia into warring pieces Nov 29, 2017 Bosnian Croat war criminal dies after taking poison in UN courtroom. The war in Bosnia, in which 100, 000 people died and 2. 2 million were displaced, mainly pitted Bosnian Muslims against Bosnian Serbs, but also saw brutal fighting between Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats after an initial alliance fell apart.

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