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2020-01-29 21:46

Nov 06, 2009 I have a bodybuilding competition November 7th (this Saturday) and I was wondering what are your thoughts on carbing up for the show? Btw for the past few weeks I have been operating on no carbs PreContest Carbing up! ! !Aug 23, 2019  As a rule of thumb, when carbing up, its best not to train, as that siphons off some of the incoming carbohydrates, preventing an optimal carbup and fuller muscles. This might be why many bodybuilders appear fuller a few days after a competition. The days off allow for optimal compensation of carbohydrates. carb up bodybuilding competition

The reality is that most bodybuilders who try to carb up in only three days end up smaller, smoother andor fatter than they ought to be. And much of the additional amounts of carbohydrate they eat during this time end up being turned into triglycerides by the body and stored as fat, which is the last thing they want when they're trying to get into shape.

If you consume more carbs than your body can store as glycogen, much of the excess glucose will begin to spill over into the interstitial spaces and begin to make you look watery and bloated. Water. Drastically depleting water consumption prior to a bodybuilding contest is practically gospel among competitors. Begin the final week before your competition consuming. 5 g of carbohydrates for each pound of your body weight. While this will likely be lower than the daily recommended intake of 130 g per day suggested by the National Academies, it is still enough to power your activities without causing you to hold extra water, as carbohydrates promote water retention.carb up bodybuilding competition May 29, 2019  For those who are that carbsensitive, overcarbing is a train wreck. Though I like to be bringing carbs up for even my slowestmetabolic clients, some just don't tolerate much carbohydrate at all. Some can coast into contest day with carbs still low

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