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2019-11-17 10:26

Mychonny Biggest loser parody 24 Mychonny My Crazy SisterMychonny My Crazy SisterOn the 17th of December, 2009, mychonny was featured on Television. Channel Seven's Today Tonight featured two of mychonny's videos on it, Asian and White Parents& My Crazy Sister. There have being complaints about the reporter calling mychonny an UNKNOWN Australian Comedian. my crazy sister mychonny

My Crazy Sister. It's an unnamed fictional character that is featured in Mychonny series. She is the secondary antagonist in the series. Chonny's sister is portrayed by John Luc a. k. a Mychonny Biography. Chonny's sister is a rude daughter in Chonny's family that who keeps relying on her brother (Chonny) to do something that she asked to.

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