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If everyone would do some reading before incorrectly making a statement of who they think wrote the Crazy song performed by the artist Seal, it might help them sound less stupid. Singer song writer Willie Nelson did in fact write this song.Seal emerged from England's house music scene in 1990 to become the most popular British soul vocalist of that decade. Although his earliest material still showed signs of acid house, by the mid'90s he was known for a distinctive fusion of soul, folk, pop, dance, and rock that brought him success on both sides of the Atlantic. seal crazy song facts

Apr 05, 2013 Crazy is a song originated by English soul artist Seal, who wrote its lyrics and jointly composed its music in collaboration with producer Guy Sigsworth. The song was produced by Trevor Horn for

Crazy is the lead single from Seals 1991 debut album. It was written by Seal and Guy Sigsworth. The song topped the charts in Belgium, Europe, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. Seal thinks that for the world to change it needs to embrace crazy ideas that go against accepted rules, practices and beliefs. yellow people walking through my head. Oneseal crazy song facts In 1991 the# 16 song in the charts was Crazy by Seal. Watch the music video and discover trivia about this classic Pop song now. In 1991 the# 16 song in the charts was Crazy by Seal. Watch the music video and discover trivia about this classic Pop song now.

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'Crazy' was one of the first I chose because it brings back so many memories of my teenaged years. The main line, 'You're never going to survive unless you get a little crazy' is to me one of the simplest yet most profound statements. Seal and I exchanged sweet emails when I was about to cover his song. seal crazy song facts Jun 27, 2019 Seal is a Grammy Awardwinning singer and songwriter known for hits like 'Crazy' and 'Kiss From a Rose. ' Get his story at Biography. com. Andy from Lake City, Fl this is as boldly prodrugs as it gets. seal is arguing that violence, aggression, fear, and anxiety are going to undo us all if we don't have that crutch, steamvalve, consciousness enhancer, social lubricant. the real irony is that the craziest people are longterm addicts. Crazy is a song written by English singer, Seal. The song was produced by Trevor Horn for Seal's debut album Seal (1991). Released as his official debut single, Crazy became one of Seal's biggest hits. It reached the top five in the United Kingdom, while becoming his first top ten single in the United States. It has since been covered by several artists, including Alanis Morissette, whose Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel (born 19 February 1963), known professionally as Seal, is a British musician, singer and songwriter. He has sold over 20 million records worldwide, with his first international hit song, Crazy , released in 1991; his most celebrated song, Kiss from a Rose , was released in 1994.

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