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2020-02-18 12:11

Nov 21, 2001 Verdict. Crazy Taxi is an awesome game if you didn't play it on previous systems. Don't let its original 1998 release sway you from picking it up for GameCube if you haven't played it before.Related: gamecube games gamecube controller super monkey ball gamecube crazy taxi ps2 star wars gamecube metroid prime gamecube ssx 3 gamecube animal crossing gamecube gamecube simpsons hit and run mario kart double dash f zero gx donkey konga gamecube crazy taxi 2 gamecube

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Feb 13, 2010 Intro: When Crazy Taxi hit the PlayStation 2 from the arcades, it was an amazing game to play and really fun as well. Basically a straight port of the ArcadeDreamcast classic, this Gamecube Mar 01, 2014 If you were a fan of Crazy Taxi back in the day like I was, you will enjoy this game. The Gamecube version is solid and the gameplay, visuals and music all remain the same after all these years. I picked it up for a low price and I do enjoy it. Good, arcade fun.crazy taxi 2 gamecube Nov 17, 2001 Metacritic Game Reviews, Crazy Taxi for GameCube, As a fearless cab driver with attitude, your goal is to rack up the megabucks before your shift ends. It's a race against the clock as

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The ONLY version of Crazy Taxi for the GameCube. PROS: I bought this game for my son who loves the Arcade version. It's pretty much the same game with only a few extras (an extra level and the ability to play a set time limit game). crazy taxi 2 gamecube Pontinho rates this game: 55. Hey Hey! Come on over, have some fun with Crazy Taxi! Games are NOT about music and graphics. They are about gameplay and fun. One of the most addicting games of the Dreamcast, its absolutely ridiculous the kind of stuff you could do on a taxi, and still want some more. Jun 29, 2015 A normal playthrough of the Arcade mode in Crazy Taxi. Not trying to achieve the highest score. Captured from an actual Nintendo GameCube console, hooked up with it's Component cable. Nov 20, 2010 Crazy Taxi is still a fun, exciting game, but fans of Crazy Taxi who already own the Dreamcast release don't really need to bother with the PlayStation 2 version. Crazy Taxi 2 was released for the Dreamcast on May 28, 2001.

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