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Isnt it incredibly interesting that almost all answers to this question talk in terms of why the Army is just as good, or even better, than the Marines? The very 1st battle fought by the United States on foreign soil was in 1805 in Tripoli againsMay 07, 2019 This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. all marines crazy

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Crazy Marines on Trikes. 227 likes. Two Marines get the Crazy idea to pedal their recumbent trikes across the country. Hence, Crazy Marines on Trikes was Calling All Marines (1939) Crazy credits on IMDb: Additional scenes, Messages hidden in credits and moreall marines crazy In and out of combat, Marines have stood proud and brought honor to this country. No list of facts about Marines will begin to do their bravery and honor justice, but, here are some of their most important and interesting facts. 9 Facts About the Marines 1. The Marines were formed before the US won our independence from the Brits

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Marines speak a slightlydifferent language than the rest of the United States. While everyone in the Corps speaks and uses English most of the time, theres another layer of terminology added all marines crazy Sep 19, 2011 but seriously all the other branches seem to provide better equipment, benefits, pay, shorter deployments etc. Since it kinda doesnt make sense logically it makes it crazy? Not to mention how crazy they are. Sep 15, 2012 Halo PC Montage (Master Chief goes nuts and kills Captain Keyes and all the marines) and it's for every Halo player who loved killing the marines in Halo CE. Most of it I told my sister I'm going out with this guy who used to be in the Marines for like 6 years. She told me to not go out with him because all Marines are crazy and psychos. And it's a fact. I don't buy into generalizations but what seemingly makes Marines undesirable as partners Mar 11, 2008 First off all, anyone can go crazy , and the Marines are not the only service that has some of it's people do horrible things, as all have had thier share, but the actions of either one or a groups should not be taken to reflect on the whole.

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