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2019-11-14 09:20

guys i need to find a good, crazy anime to watch with my sister ive watched angel beats, special a, baka and test, and clannad and liked them so something weird that doesnt make sense and has weird names and lots of engrish woud be good.Sep 24, 2017  The 22 Most Clinically Insane Anime Characters. By. Aaron Magulick September 24, 2017. I dont know whos crazy, Nina or her fans. People are cool with explaining away her desire to exterminate the Japanese due to a bad childhood, but table sex is inexcusable. crazy anime characters tumblr

May 10, 2016  Maybe the most memorable anime are shoujo romances. Or perhaps it is that one Shounen Jump anime that brings the crowds in. Dont get us wrong; those anime can be great. Just lets be frank, the most memorable anime have to be those crazy anime.

May 12, 2016 Sonozaki is easily one of the more popular insane characters in anime. You can't get much crazier than becoming a fullblown serial killer. Dec 15, 2016 In today's installment we're looking for the characters who have descended into madness, from shows like Higurashi (When they Cry), Dragon Ball Z, Soul Eater, Code Geass, Death Note, Hunter xcrazy anime characters tumblr 39 Mr. Satan Dragon Ball Z Mr. Satan is an anime fictional character from the anime series, Dragon Ball Z, created by Akira Toriyama. Mr. Satan is annoying, but I

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Yuno Mirrai Nikki. Yuno is the craziest anime girl who can do anything for her love. Yuki promises to marry her when they will become adults. Her mother is the cause of her psychopath behavior because she was often abused by her in the absence of her father. She was even ready to kill the boyfriend's mother if she rejected her by saying crazy anime characters tumblr REODO CV. Masuda Toshiki I only sing what I like. Thats it. He belongs to Climax Record. Vo. (Vocalist) of the Band LUMIERE. He has a feminine atmosphere and beautiful appearance as a foreigner, also a harsh personality. Oct 20, 2012 Please don't give me female characters! I would like the character to act like ladd russo! That guy is pretty crazy& sadistic. I would also like it if he was one of the main antagonists of the series. And he he is like obsessed with the main character I would prefer girl main character but boy is fine. Type of anime that I like is with lots of romance, especially action also horror, fantasy

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