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High School Debut (2011) Haruna Nagashima devoted herself to softball while in middle school. Now that she is in high school, Haruna believes it's time find a boyfriend. Unfortunately for Haruna, she didn't pay attention to trends and is now clueless on how to attract a boy. Through a fortuitous event, Haruna encounters popular upperclassman YohSouth Korea: 2015: Movie: 1: 421: The Black Devil and the White Prince koukou debut dramacrazy

Jun 08, 2012  Based on Kazune Kawahara's popular shojo manga of the same title, Koukou Debut was published in the monthly shojo manga magazine Bessatsu Margaret from 2003 to

Friendship and love are put to the test when Yoh More Alt title: Koukou Debut. Haruna has never been feminine; she was the star pitcher of the softball team in middle school and didn't focus on relationship, but now that she's in high school she has a new goal: to have a shoujo mangastyle relationship. While Haruna tries to be attractive and get a boyfriend, she has no idea how to accomplish her goal;koukou debut dramacrazy Jul 07, 2007 I'm working on scripts of Koukou Debut, if anyone is bored and wants to read them at my livejournal they're more than welcome to. It's kind of a learning experience for me, so if you see problems in the script or gaps let me know so I can fix themfill them in! Also, the Koukou Debut LJ Community is updated a lot and is helpful.

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Koukou Debut is about a girl name Haruna, who had just enter her first year in High School. Like most girl that are portray in shougo manga, she's looking for a boyfriend. But things aren't going well for her as she has such a terrible taste in fashion and a masculine body due to playing baseball in Middle School. koukou debut dramacrazy

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