Crazy golf tournament hole ideas

2019-12-13 13:45

Jan 20, 2018 The golf tournaments played for fun can also serve a noble purpose if the prize money is donated for the sake of charity. The aforementioned fun golf tournament ideas should help spice up the game and make it interesting. It is fun to play and also one can think of tweaking the rigid format of golf through these fun tournaments.For a fun golf tournament format for a group that includes men and women, high and low handicappers, young and old, put your own spin on our Love Scramble. A fun golf tournament format for everyone. FUN GOLF TOURNAMENT FORMAT: THE LOVE SCRAMBLE. HOLE 1: Regular scramble play. If you need a refresher, see our expert advice on scrambles. crazy golf tournament hole ideas

One club for that hole Play one hole from tee to cup with the same club. Tee shot, fairway, chips and putts all with the same club. Each player gets to choose the club they will stick with, or it can be decided by the person organizing the event.

Golf tournaments can easily get stagnant. People begin to feel that they are playing the same tournament year after year. Games Help You Stand Out in the Crowd. The best way to stand out among the crowd of other golf tournaments is to add games that no one has played before. A skins game is based on awarding the hole or skin to the player with the lowest score for that hole. If two players tie for lowest score, that skin rolls over to the next hole. It's possible tocrazy golf tournament hole ideas Once you have sponsors and vendors lined up for your charity golf tournament or golf fundraiser, how do you incorporate them into your tournament? Here is a list of our favorite oncourse hole contests that give your sponsors, donors, and vendors brand exposure, while simultaneously being fun for your golfers! OnHole Contests& Games

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