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KCBS Competition Ribs Back. Yes, this is my exact recipe that I use when I used to compete in The KCBS. Please read the entire technique first before you start this. You will need: Smoker or Kettle Grill. Chimney (or something that you light briquettes without lighter fluid)Jul 06, 2019  Usually, when preparing competition ribs, cooks trim off the ribs on both ends to square up the slab. When I hang my ribs, I leave these small bones because it allows the hook to be placed further from the center ribs the best ones for turn in. Recipe for the Vertical Cooker Method kcbs competition ribs

Feb 14, 2018  Competition Rib Recipe. When cooking Competition Rib Recipe, its all about that one perfect bite. These bbq competition ribs arent like your typical eating ribs because they have a richer, sweeter flavor and need to showcase perfect appearance,

Sep 08, 2015  Perfect your competition ribs with these simple tips and a competition rib recipe. Trimmed ribs are seasoned with a flavorful BBQ dry rub before being smoked Nov 14, 2018 Learn how to cook ribs for a competition or for fun. Learn how to cook ribs for a competition or for fun. Skip navigation How to Cook KCBS Competition Ribs Claudes Q. Loadingkcbs competition ribs

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