Hoyt competition bows

2019-11-11 20:23

The Hoyt target compound lineup is legendary for setting the standard of tournament level accuracy. Behind these precision bows you'll find a team of engineers working with the world's best archers to accomplish one thing design bows that are BUILT TO WIN.Cam style. Because this type of compound bow features only one cam, theyre very easy to tune. Dual cam (twin cam) models usually offer faster speed compared to the single cam, but they also often require more maintenance and tuning. Both of the cams must be synchronized in hoyt competition bows

Hoyt Carbon Bows are the most advanced bows in the world with hollow carbon tubes, individually tested and inspected, seriously tough, warm to the touch and reduced vibration. Each 2019 Hoyt bow comes with a 20 page Owner's Manual, Hoyt shooter's cap, Hoyt Keyring, Hoyt decal, Hoyt Wrist Band, Warranty Registration Card.

Hoyt was formed in 1942 and since then, it has remained as one of the top bow manufacturers in the world. Its famous for manufacturing highquality bows for different types of archery such as 3D shooting, hunting, and competition shooting. hoyt competition bows

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