Leyland p76 force 7 coupe for sale

2019-12-16 04:33

The Leyland P76 is a large car that was produced by Leyland Australia, the Australian subsidiary of British Leyland. Featuring what was described at the time as the standard Australian wheelbase of 111 inches , it was intended to provide the company with a genuine rival to large local models like the Ford Falcon, the Holden Kingswood, and the Chrysler Valiant.Have also a running Leyland P76 4, 4 ltr engine, that has about 170 lbs compression, modified to fit an original stag auto, complete with custom made extractors and split tail exhaust at rear of car. Have some manual odd parts, also BW 35& BW 65 auto gearboxes, either good leyland p76 force 7 coupe for sale

The Leyland P76 model range. There were plans for a coupe version, named the Force 7, to be offered alongside the plannedfor station wagon and ubiquitous Ute (pickup truck). This range of cars never reached fruition though, because Leyland pulled out of Australia in 1975 before they made production.

Leyland Australia had basically got their P76 Sedan, redesigned it completely and prepared to release this car for sale amid considerable publicity. Unfortunately the whole thing fizzled rather spectacularly when Leyland effectively ran out of money among other problems and the Force 7V was no more. Find a new or used LEYLAND P76 for sale. With over 100, 000 new& used vehicles on carsguide, finding a great deal on your next LEYLAND P76 has never been so easy.leyland p76 force 7 coupe for sale The Force Sevenan automaticis the only one of the illfated P76 coupes, a car that never made it into production, in Europe. It was sent to Britain in 1974 by Leyland Australia for

Leyland p76 force 7 coupe for sale free

Leyland P76. The Leyland P76 is not the usual Aussie Original. Without the Charger coupe's big sales boost, the VHVJ Valiant could have easily been another 1974 casualty. to our free weekly newsletter for more unique car reviews and features plus see the latest unique and classic cars for sale. Subscribe to Unique Cars magazine leyland p76 force 7 coupe for sale Spotted in our classifieds: what appears to be a tidy Leyland P76 Super which means it's running Buickderived allalloy V8 widely used by Leyland at the time. The wedgeshaped machine was styled by Giovanni Michelotti and was launched as a fullsize Australian sedan in 1973, with the intention of taking on the likes of Holden, Ford and Chrysler. Search for new& used Leyland P76 car for sale in Australia. Read Leyland P76 car reviews and compare Leyland P76 prices and features at carsales. com. au. Leyland Australia Force 7 V Coupe Only 10 of these machine are known to exist. One of these cars was sent to the Leyland UK for testing. The car remains in the UK today in private hands. Another car is to be found in a Birdwood Mill Museum (South Australia) with the other eight privately owned. The car is based on the P76 chassis and running gear. The Force 7 hardtop was based on the Leyland P76, which after nearly three years on the market had all the kinks worked out. The Leyland Force 7 was technically ahead of its competition the Falcon Coupe, the Monaro Coupe and the Chrysler Charger and Hardtop. The Force 7 was a true fiveseater hardtop with a hatchback, preceding the Torana by

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