Z3m coupe s54 swap

2019-11-21 09:09

The car is finished in Titanium Silver Metallic with a sunroof and allblack Nappa leather interior, and power comes from a 3. 2liter S54 inlinesix paired with a 5speed manual gearbox. This Z3M coupe is sold in Denver, Colorado with a Carfax report, original window sticker, andOP. the part# for the Z3M harness you would need is. Again, there will be a lot ahead of you as far as wiring etc. . But the actual swap of the engine, especially with the use of this harness will be very straight forward and not much different than an regular engine swap. z3m coupe s54 swap

z3m coupe converted to s54. was fairly plug and play in terms of the mechanicals but was a technical job to complete the electronics side of the swap. i had the car transported down the ergen

Mar 15, 2016 We've already reviewed the firstgeneration Z3M Coupe with the S52, 240 HP engine, and found it to be great. But the real prize is the 2001 Z3M Coupe with the 333 HP S54 Engine. This example is bmw z3m coupe s54 for sale z3m coupe converted to s54 using a freshly built motor. bare shell respray laguna blue. very high specification approximately 375hp every part on this car is brand new s54 engine (m3 spec), alphan bespoke map plus engine installation and tuning all by ergen motorsport, new racespec bottom end bearings, new discs& pads all round, new clutch, new continental tyresz3m coupe s54 swap Z3M upper and lower coolant hoses ( and ) Exhaust. The main concern when considering an exhaust system for an S54 E30 swap is ground clearance. For vehicles that are extremely low, 2. 5 diameter pipe is recommended. At no point should

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