How to make my genesis coupe faster

2019-11-13 15:26

Jun 22, 2012 so my question is am i going to need anything to support this power gain as in a new clutch or any internal engine parts to make the gen withstand the extra power? Quick answer on the stock block, but everything else (including a haltech standalone; don't bother with anything else), @ ftlbs or torque (@400hp).Jan 17, 2012 Hi, I am new to this forum as I just purchased a new 2010 Genesis Coupe 3. 8 Track Manual Trans. As I live in Mass, I have considered taking this car off the road for 4 months. Can anyone give me some insight on how your car handles in the snow being rearwheel drive? I am glad I found this forum and there is a lot of valuable information being how to make my genesis coupe faster

Jul 04, 2016 thanks guys, (sorry but though ill appreciate a genny, a TT Z32 is my true love) if a canned tune, test pipe and intake will make a 1st gen genesis feel like a race car then the kdm coupe would really be up my ally and maybe even keep its place in the driveway when i find another 300. also if theres a tunertuning company(idk the terminology im kind of outta place coming from classic jdm and

One of the best things you can do to improve your Genesis Coupe is lower your suspension. Dropping the car eliminates unsightly wheelgap and transforms your GenCoupe into Apr 04, 2014 I am contemplating the purchase of a 2013 Genesis Coupe Track Model. While it is fun to drive, it did not seem to have the power of my 335i (but considerably less ). My question is: How much more HP can this engine make with affordable aftermarket solutions? ie. a chip, to make my genesis coupe faster

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