Z4 coupe or s2000

2019-11-14 06:46

Yes, as a pure track car the S2000 has the edge, but I don't go to the track, and the Z4 Coupe is the superior GT car. It's broad creamy torque curve make it a pleasure to drive on a daily basisJan 15, 2012 Its a close call between the Z4 and the S2000 in my opinion. I went for the Z4 as its got cheaper running costs as mine is a daily and the Z4 is a better looking car to me. But honda build extremely reliable engines and vtec is amazing but thristy! z4 coupe or s2000

Aug 01, 2003 Car and Driver offers exclusive car comparison tests. Here's one now: 2003 Audi TT vs. BMW Z4, Honda S2000, Nissan 350Z, Porsche Boxster Comparison.

Aug 08, 2003  Re: BMW Z4 vs. Honda S2000 the Z4 is capabile of way more than 155 in my opion, but its real easy to get rid of the electronic limtier, Daini (i think thats how u spell it) andways they make chips than help the accleration, and top end of BmW's, i know because i have one in my E30 325ci (first car Aug 31, 2012 There aren't that many reviews of the S2000 and Z4 from car journalists on YouTube, so I decided to make one. I've personally owned both cars and here I am giving my thoughts about the two. Thez4 coupe or s2000 The Z4 is the antiMiata: it's seemingly been fired on with the weird styling details shotgun, and somehow it manages to work. Compared to BMW's relatively staid sedan models, the Z4 is a

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Nov 01, 2009 It feels a heavier car but once moving seems similar in handling to the S2000 (having said this please bear in mind the Z4M is different in that the steering is not as 'normal' Z4's and it hasn't z4 coupe or s2000 Jun 27, 2007 Well, the Honda will cost about half as much, get better fuel mileage, will cost 110 as much to service and maintain, will probably go over 100K miles without a breakdown vs the BMW's 10K, drive like a dream, start everytime you push the button and goes so fast you will be in constant danger of losing your license. Nov 07, 2012  Around the West Loop, a track suited for highhorsepower mounts, the Z4 performed commendably, ousting the more powerful 350Z and coming within a second of the Honda S2000

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