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View and Download Davis 6152C manual online. Cabled Vantage Pro2; Vantage Pro2 Plus Stations. 6152C Weather Station pdf manual download. Also for: 6162c, Cabled vantage pro2, Vantage pro2 plus, 6152ceu, 6152cuk, 6162ceu, 6162cuk.The Davis 6162 is a wireless Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus with Solar radiation and UV sensors consists of a console unit and an innovative integrated sensor suite that includes a rain collector with selfemptying bucket, temperature and humidity sensors and an anemometer. The sensor suite is housed inside a radiation shield, protecting the sensors davis 6162ceu vantage pro2 plus

Jan 29, 2016  Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus w UV& Solar Radiation SensorsFirst and only weather station in its class to use frequency hopping spread spectrum radio technology to transmit weather data wirelessly up to 1000' (300 m). Includes Vantage Pro2 consolereceiver integrated sensor suite (ISS) and mounting hardware.

Davis Vejrstation Vantage Pro2 Plus Kablet. P lager. Varenr. 6162CEU. Ingen. Vantage Pro2 Plus Den har egenskaberne fra Vantage Pro samt UV, solstrlingssensorer og monteringsholder og gr dermed Vantage Pro Plus til vores mest omfattende station. Findes i bde trdls og kabelt udgave. Cabled Vantage Pro2& Vantage Pro2 Plus Stations The Vantage Pro2 (# 6152C) and Vantage Pro2 Plus (# 6162C) cabled weather stations include two components: the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) and the console. The ISS contains the sensor interface module (SIM), rain collector, an anemometer, and a passive radiation shield.davis 6162ceu vantage pro2 plus The Vantage Pro2 6162 outdoor Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) is energized by a solar panel during the day and stored energy for power at night, making it an ideal product or gift for the green consumer. The solar panel is not included with the 6162C cabled version. Vantage Pro2 Plus

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The Davis Instruments 6162C Cabled Vantage Pro2 Plus with Standard Radiation Shield includes a 100' cable (max. distance is 1, 000') to connect between the Integrated Sensor Suite and the display console. davis 6162ceu vantage pro2 plus Comments about Davis Instruments 6162 Plus Wireless Weather Station; UVSolar: This is my third weatherstation for my home in over 20 years. My previous weatherstations were also made by Davis Instruments as I just replaced my Davis Weather Monitor II station on Dec 18, 2009 with the Davis 6162 Wireless Vantage Pro2 Plus.

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