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Family: She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to parents Lamar Davis and Lakeisha McLean. She has two brothers and a sister. Mone Davis fathers name is Lamar Davis and mother Lakeisha McLean. We will continue to update details on Mone Daviss family.But sure enough, two young girls they were probably about 5 or 6 years old were sitting with their mom and dad showing their support for Mo'ne Davis, who in 2014 became the first girl to win mo'ne davis mother and father

Aug 08, 2014  MoNe Davis is leading the way and shes doing it while throwing like a girl. Marc Kravitz is a fathercoach of two Taney Little League baseball players, a husband, and restaurant

Mo'Ne Davis (@MoNeDavis) August 18, 2014. Short Pants. A Concise History of BaseballMone Davis now aged 15 was born in 2001 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is expected to celebrate her birthday on 24th June. She had been born into the parents Lamar Davis and Lakeisha McLean but was staying with mom and stepfather Mark Williams because Dec 19, 2018  Mone Davis Her father, Mark Williams, is also relieved that a decision has been made. Now she can enjoy her senior year and not have to think about where shes going to school, he'ne davis mother and father Who is Mo'ne Davis. American former Little League Baseball pitcher. One of two girls who played in the 2014 Little League World Series and the first girl to earn a

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Elvera Sanchez (September 1, 1905 September 2, 2000) was an American dancer and the mother of Sammy Davis Jr. . During his lifetime, Davis Jr. stated that his mother was Puerto Rican and born in San Juan; however, in the 2003 biography In Black and White, author Wil Haygood wrote that Davis' mother was born in New York City, of AfroCuban descent, and that Davis claimed she was Puerto Rican mo'ne davis mother and father Aug 19, 2014 Mo'ne Davis' mom says, I never in a million years thought this whole thing would blow up like this. Mar 19, 2018 At just 16 years old, Mo'ne Davis has had her jersey retired next to Derek Jeter's, spent time with Michele Obama at the The White House, and graced the cover of Sports Illustratedto name a few Learn about Mo'ne Davis: her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun trivia facts, popularity rankings, and more. Aug 19, 2014  Davis' mother, Lakeisha McLean, went back to Philadelphia for a few days of work with autistic children, but will return for Wednesday's game. While Mo'ne is the cover girl, Taney is clearly a team. When the parents came to Williamsport, they decided there would be no individual names on T

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