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Cynthia Davis was only 17 years old when she did Cooley High after which she tried to continue her acting career. She was offered one of the roles in Sparkle but her manager at the time did not have her best interest at heart and because he wanted more money they did not accept her.Dec 09, 2013 Category Entertainment; Suggested by SME Whitney Houston Greatest Love Of All (Official Music Video) Song I Will Always Love You (Film Version) cynthia davis from cooley high movie

Jul 05, 1978 Directed by Michael Schultz. With Glynn Turman, LawrenceHilton Jacobs, Garrett Morris, Cynthia Davis. In 1964, a group of high school friends who live on the Near North Side of Chicago enjoy life to the fullestparties, hanging out, meeting new friends. Then life changes for two of the guys when they meet a pair of career criminals and get falsely arrested in connection with stealing a

May 01, 2011  Cynthia Davis, the actress who played Brenda in Cooley High is ALIVE! After watching Unsung Hollywood her family, especially me, the younger sister was upset. The investigative team failed in their job and that is my opinion. I was trying to leave a picture of her for you. Cynthia Davis, Actress: Cooley High. Cynthia Davis is an actress, known for Cooley High (1975).cynthia davis from cooley high movie Jun 21, 2018 Cynthia Davis made one film before she was old enough to vote, and never made another. She went back into private life and the quiet milestones of career, marriage, and family, with what appear to be few regrets.

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Cooley High also inspired the CBS television show The White Shadow (November 27, 1978 to March 16, 1981). Release on DVD& HD and Potential remake. In 2000, Cooley High was released on DVD. [citation needed In 2010, it was digitized in High Definition (1080i) and broadcast on MGM HD. cynthia davis from cooley high movie I here this woman has passed on RIP Cynthia Davis, her memory in the movie Cooley High will live on. Posted by G Thursday, October 29th, 2015 How do you know she not really dead Posted by G9755 Thursday, April 03rd, 2014 Cynthia Stafford is a Movie Producer. When was the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane released? The movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane was released on October 31, 1962. The movie is an Sep 19, 2015 Brenda (Cynthia Davis) was the beautiful love interest of film's star preach. The performance was great. The graceful beautifully talented women would have made a name in hollywood during her era. She was compared with actresses such as Jane Kennedy and Lonnette Mckee. Jun 03, 2017  Brenda (Cynthia Felton) talking to Preach (Glynn Turman) in Cooley High (screengrab) Actress, Cynthia Felton (formerly Cynthia Davis) played her role well and ever since weve covered what shes been up too lately, many within our ILOSM fam sent us messages asking if Cynthia has any kids.

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