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2019-11-23 02:15

LiveEvil is one of Miles Davis' most confusing and illuminating documents. As a double album, it features very different settings of his band and indeed two very different bands. The doubleLP CD package is an amalgam of a December 19, 1970, gig at the Cellar Door, which featured a band comprised of Miles, bassist Michael Henderson, drummer Jack DeJohnette, guitarist John McLaughlinNov 07, 2018 Miles is playing with an amazing line up on live evil. it really shows on this recording as the music is very tight creative and selective. full of emotion yet performed with careful precision. What I say is pretty cool high energy madness. live evil miles davis

Oct 25, 2016  At that time LiveEvil had just come back into print after having been previously unavailable on CD. Of the electric Miles Davis albums released during his best period (probably about '69'72 or so), LiveEvil was probably the most abstract. I remember listening to

LiveEvil August 3, 1972 Buy Stream Now Corea and Holland had just formed the quartet Circle with Anthony Braxton, who was involved in the revival of the free jazz movement. live evil miles davis

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