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Nov 28, 2016 Dr. Frankenstein's insane grandson attempts to create horrible monsters in modern day L. A. Director: Richard E. Cunha (as Richard Cunha) Writer: H. E. BarrieDec 15, 1958 Directed by Richard E. Cunha. With John Ashley, Sandra Knight, Donald Murphy, Sally Todd. Dr. Frankenstein's insane grandson attempts to create horrible monsters in modern day L. A. frankenstein's daughter film

Jun 01, 2019 Dr. Frankenstein's insane grandson attempts to create horrible monsters in modern day L. A.

Frankenstein's Daughter, a lowbudget American horror movie badly directed by Richard E. Cunha, is another in a series of poorly made adaptations of Mary Shelley's classic horror novel. Jan 03, 2017  Back in the days when driveins still brought in the crowds, you could still make movies for about a buck and a half and have them distributed. Out of that came performers like Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper. Suffice it to say, there ain't nothing like them in here. Frankenstein's Dafrankenstein's daughter film Jan 03, 2017 Frankenstein's Daughter is a very guilty pleasure. Clearly made for the price of dinner for four at Sizzler, this demented flick throws everything it can think of at you not one, but two monsters, bathingsuit clad teens bopping to the song stylings of Page Cavanaugh and his trio, and Harold Lloyd, Jr (who is noted as the liner notes as

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A notorious, Ed Woodlevel exercise in awfulness, Frankensteins Daughter is a riotous pileup of bad acting, ludicrous storytelling, jawdropping makeup effects and embarrassing music (just try not to do The Twist when Pete Cavanaugh and his Trio perform their rockin nonhits, Daddy Bird and Special Date, for a pool party of elderly teens). frankenstein's daughter film Despite having a rather lucrative career after Frankensteins Daughter as a character actor, film director and television producer, Ashley is best remembered as the narrator behind the opening sequence to The ATeam, an unfathomably successful television show Jan 18, 2011 The psychopathic grandson of Baron Frankenstein, calling himself Oliver Frank, has found an ideal position in sunny California as an assistant to chemist Carter Morton, and lives with him, his teenage daughter Trudy, and the gardener with whom he's secretly carrying on the family tradition. Apr 10, 1966 Directed by William Beaudine. With John Lupton, Narda Onyx, Cal Bolder, Estelita Rodriguez. Legendary outlaw of the Old West Jesse James, on the run from Marshal MacPhee, hides out in the castle of Baron Frankenstein's granddaughter Maria, who proceeds to transform Jesse's slowwitted pal Hank into a bald zombie, which she names Igor. Nov 14, 2009 A mustsee guilty pleasure, directed by the great Richard E. Cunha! The film Frankenstein's Daughter and related promotional materials are public domain.

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