Daughter keeps saying she feels sick

2019-11-12 06:58

Aug 27, 2010  Mommy, Im sick! How to tell if your kid is faking it Ages 610 Ages& Stages In the classic 80s film Ferris Buellers Day Off, a teenager heats a thermometer to prove to his parents that hes too sick to go to school.Mar 28, 2009 My daughter keeps saying that she feels sick. Not sure if she really does. . By liquorice. @liquorice (3901) March 28, 2009 8: 28am CST. My threeyear old was sick the other night, as in throwing up. It just happened once, and she seems fine now, and is eating quite normally again. However, every so often she starts crying and says that she's daughter keeps saying she feels sick

I have the same concern with my 15 year old daughter. She is out of school today for the same problem, wakes up at 7, often feels nausea and has a light amount of vomiting and then states she does not feel well enough to go to school. She usually likes school and is doing ok but I fear that missing so much school is affecting her grades.

My 6 Year Old Keeps Saying She Is Sick or Something Hurts. Updated on August 05, 2007 Lately she has been saying she doesnt feel well and that basically everything hurts. About 2 weeks ago the school called and said that Holly didnt feel well, she wasnt running a temp. but they thought that I should pick her up. I talked to my daughter Oct 12, 2016 10 year old daughter always feels sick. Sarah J(1373) she seems to get panicky once she feels sick, I think she is scared now of being sick as well because of that. It's awful though she's waking up at 6am with it and then I think too frightened to go back to sleep. Sick Once, school says keep off for 48 hours? ! More similar threadsdaughter keeps saying she feels sick May 05, 2011  Hi My 8 year old daughter keeps feeling sick and dizzy (but not vomiting) its lasted about 5 weeks now. She can feel ok for half a day, completely back to normal and then all of a sudden she just wants to lie down and complains of nausea. She wakes

Daughter keeps saying she feels sick free

Mar 11, 2010 the school has called me every day this week. my daughter keeps saying her throat feels like she is going to get sick. and she saids she is tired. i told them not to call unless she is throwing up or something. cause she was all fine when she came home from school yesterday. i dont know why she is doing this every day. i made a drs app for her for today daughter keeps saying she feels sick Nov 19, 2009  my 8 yea old daughter keeps waking and being sick in the night. She has no othe symptons and says that apart from being sick every day feels fine. It started nearly 2 weeks ago when she came down poorly and started being sick. Her apppetite hasn't really come back but other than that she Jul 16, 2016 I have brought up four children. It was the hardest job I ever did in my life. They are all doing remarkably well, but each and everyone of them has their own set of emotional, and psychological problems. In a great sense we all do, I know. Howeve Jan 05, 2009 This article is intended to share my story as well as keep you informed for when your child says they have stomach pain. Eventually the surgeon comes in and says she needs surgery but doesn't feel comfortable performing it on an 11 year old (we live in a very small, remote town in the mountains). my daughter right now is sick and She never does though, and I can't figure out what is going on. She feels sick when she gets hungry, but sometimes, like last night, she'll be eating, and suddenly feel sick and can't eat anymore. She'll come home with her lunchbox still full of food and tell me that she couldn't eat lunch because she felt like she was going to throw up.

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