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2019-11-21 09:08

Review: Echoes of the past reverberate in John Travoltas newest movie, THE GENERALS DAUGHTER. One can almost hear actor James Cromwell as Lt. Gen. Fighting Joe Campbell tell Warrant Officer Paul Brenner (Travolta), You cant handle the truth! THE GENERALS DAUGHTER is this years AJun 18, 1999 The General's Daughter Critic Reviews Ratings Favorite Theater Button Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing The General's Daughter near you. ENTER CITY, the perfect movie night with tickets from Fandango. Find theater showtimes, watch trailers, read reviews and buy movie tickets in advance. the general's daughter film review

The General's Daughter Reviews. To betray a loved one or a friend is a grievous breech of trust. It is a form of murder, brutalizing the tenderness and intimacy of the soul. A lurid mess, a Southern gumbo simmering in Gothic cliche. Travolta wins hands down with his accent in a pleasingly intense performance that helps propel the story along.

The General's Daughter is a mustsee film. It teaches, it blames, it makes you think, it entertains you. But more importantly, it shows you what's worse than rape. Elizabeth, the general's daughter, could forget that she was raped, could put aside that she was rape but she couldn't forget and put aside that she was betrayed by her own father. Jan 01, 2000 Movies: General s Daughter, The Cpt. Elizabeth Campbell, the brilliant and beautiful General's daughter is found dead and naked in the centre of the army camp.the general's daughter film review Jun 18, 1999 The General's Daughter is a wellmade thriller with a lot of good acting, but the death of Elisabeth Campbell is so unnecessarily graphic and gruesome that by the end I felt sort of unclean. If this had been a documentary, or even a fiction film with serious intentions, I would have accepted it.

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Audience Reviews for The General's Daughter. The General's Daughter is an average Thriller with above average acting, it has the potential to be a great Thriller, but it doesn't quit get there. However the film is bound to give you a few thrills as you follow Paul Brenner uncover the truth of the murder in the film. the general's daughter film review

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