Can my daughter be my next of kin

2019-12-13 02:21

Full Answer. If the person has no family members or next of kin, the responsibilities will go to a public administrator or a governmental agency. This delegation often happens when a person is very old and passes away or when the family members are not familiar with the person who has passed away.Sep 28, 2009 Your daughter would be your next of kin, as she would be defined in the Mental Health Act as your nearest relative. I hope that helps. Regards. Claire can my daughter be my next of kin

You can designate a next of kin in your will, but if you don't do so, your spouse will be your next of kin. Inheritance You might opt to leave some things to your spouse and others to your children or parents.

Jul 22, 2019 Your daughter is your next of kin. If you do not wat her to be have who ever you chose to be your enduring power of attorney and an Advanced health care directive this needs to be in place even if you want your daughter to be the one to handle you Your children would be first in line to be your next of kin. They would have the final decision. If your children predecease you, it is up to any living parent, then to any living sibling. If you execute a will, you can designate who you would like to be the one who determines these types of matter after death.can my daughter be my next of kin Your next of kin is automatically your parents. Until you are an adult or something happens they will be the ones to receive everything. However when you get married I suggest changing it to your husband and having a will that gifts all of your family heirlooms to your child or your sibling.

Can my daughter be my next of kin free

Yes, your step daughter or nephew can be your next of kin. Next of kin is typically a family member that is surviving. can my daughter be my next of kin

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