Have patience with me daughter

2019-12-05 22:11

Oct 13, 2010 As patience becomes more harmonious in your life, it will become easier to set a good example for your kids. Practice patience at work if interactions with your boss or colleagues wear your patience thin. Take deep breaths and communicate your feelings clearly. Work on patience towards your partner and family too.A Dad's Confession on Patience. Patience is the# 1 thing Dads need more of. Not only patience with our own kids, but patience with ourselves as Fathers. have patience with me daughter

The legacy of an unloving mother requires patience and stamina to overcome. I have been a daughter for many years and have 3 grown daughters and their thoughts and feelings about me have

Letter from a Mother to a Daughter: My dear girl, the day you see Im getting old, I ask you to please be patient, but most of all, try to understand what Im going through. If when we talk, I repeat the same thing a thousand times, dont interrupt to say: You said the same thing a minute ago I just saw this post and have to agree with your perspective here. I think the biggest thing that helps me to have more patience with my now 4 year old son is remembering that hes new here. He has to have time to learn how things work in this life without me constantly pressuring him to be and do more than he currently possesses the capacityhave patience with me daughter It happens to the most patient of us: were going through our day, and even though it feels like the world is out to get us a dish breaks, a playdate is canceled, the store does not have the

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For many people, including me, patience means remaining calm, even in the face of a childs extreme acting out behavior. It means being able to keep your emotions in check so you can respond in the most appropriate or effective way, rather than yelling, cursing, or saying things you will regret later. have patience with me daughter

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