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Miklia Mikaellson is the younger sister of Mikaelson siblings, she was daggered by her older half brother, Klaus, after he finds her and her boyfriend, kissing in her bedroom. In Season 1, Rebekah, her older sister, find her grave and grab the dagger out of Miklia's chest.elena and Klaus have been friends ever since they were kids they used to be really close Elena and Klaus had sex one night they started dating until one day she caught h elena is klaus daughter fanfiction

Oct 30, 2013 Top 25: Fics We Wish Would Update Already. Ares (Klaus) has just convinced Athena (Caroline) to be his sparring partner and the sexual tension between the two is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Meanwhile, Athena and Diomedes (Stefan) have parted ways and Aphrodite (Katherine) is pregnant by Ares (or so she says).

Victoria Jacobs is the daughter of Katherine Pierce and Klaus Mikaelson she lives in Mystic Falls. Her foster mom and dad are rich she lives next to the Lockwoods Series My parents might show up and ask where he is. I could not have them kill me themselves. I flung myself on my black and white blanket on my huge bed. I groaned at how annoying my Uncle could be. I snapped my head up and grabbed my cell that I left on my blanket. I texted Melissa, one of my cousins. The daughter of Caroline and Klaus Mikaelsen.elena is klaus daughter fanfiction Elena is daddy's little girl, but sometimes Daddy's little girl have to be sent away, even to a small town like Mystic Falls. While there what if she decides to starts to play with the

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Klaus and Elena came to an agreement that she would live a protected human life in exchange for her blood. Tensions are rising though because of his hybrids. The Salvatores do not want Elena to be under Klaus' thumb, and they want the hybrids gone. Elena has broken up with Stefan in this story, and she and Damon were never a thing. elena is klaus daughter fanfiction Klaus has a daughter! Isabella Mikaelson, a girl who falls in love to easily, suffers from mental issues, and lives with a father who, although loving, is still a bit of Niklaus' Daughter (TVD Fanfic) In 1998 Klaus had an affair with a very powerful witch. What he didn't know is that she got pregnant with his child. Several covens of witches disliked Niklaus' violent, demanding behaviour and told Michelle Montgomery to seduce him while they placed a spell on her allowing to get pregnant. Cecelia Forbes was the eldest daughter of Sheriff Forbes, in 1863. A year before Katherine came and turned the brothers. Cecelia was betrothed to Damon, before he was se

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