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Apr 24, 2014  A Letter to My Goddaughter. This past Sunday I became a godmother (Of the nonfairy variety, to the best of my knowledge. If I suddenly sprout wings, youll be the first to know). My husband and I were thrilled to attend the christening of our goddaughter in Birmingham, England via telephone. We feel so honored to be included in herAccording to religious tradition, the godmother may bestow her goddaughter with a Bible and a rosary or other religious keepsake such as a cross necklace. The rosary may be used in a traditional Roman Catholic wedding ceremony or the bride may wear the necklace. letter from godmother to goddaughter

Dear GodsonGoddaughter, I love you. I distinctly remember the day you were born and the emotions I felt finding out you were finally a little human alive in the world.

Jun 19, 2017  Home Life Faith A letter to my goddaughter on the occasion of her First Communion A letter to my goddaughter on the occasion of her First Communion PETALUMA, Calif. , June 19, 2017 Dear Isabella, What a joy it was to watch you taking part in your first Holy Communion. Jun 26, 2015  Let me preface this letter by saying I love you very much. Youre my goddaughter, youre the eldest child of my oldest and dearest friend, and youre one of the sweetest young ladies Ive everletter from godmother to goddaughter I Promise You: A Letter To My Goddaughter Goddaughter Quotes Godparent Gifts I Promise You Letter To Yourself Love Letters Daughter Of God Bible Faith Parenting Already you have impacted my life in a way I never thought possible.

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Feb 16, 2016 To my sweet girl, Remi Marie. I hope you know how grateful I am to care for you as a godmother to hold your hand, to watch you grow and to walk with you through our faith. And I hope one day you can understand how much I cherish the responsibilities that being a godmother brings to my life. letter from godmother to goddaughter I send you a big hug and wish you all the best today and always. Happy birthday, I hope all your dreams are made, your godmother loves you. We hope that these two models will serve as a guide for you to compose a special note to your goddaughter on the day of her birthday. She will love to be surprised with a detail like that from you. Apr 02, 2009  Dear Grace, I wish your godfather and I could be there for your confirmation next Sunday, but it looks like this letter will have to do instead (not that I could be any more eloquent in person). I feel rather like C. S. Lewis when he was writing to his goddaughter Sarah on the occasion of her confirmation: its hard to know what tone to adopt. Jan 31, 2008 Letter to my Goddaughter My dearest Goddaughter (and also my niece) But I want to give you something else, so I am writing this letter to share with you some words. so special, please take the time to remember that your Godmother's love is a special love, one that lasts forever. I'm so proud of you and I want the world to know it. Lots

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