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2019-11-17 10:26

These are stories where Naruto (or others) travel through time. Title Author Categories Site; 1. Divergence: Nawaki: Naruto: fanfiction. net: More InfoApr 14, 2012 is yet another time travel fic, but one of the better done ones is basically Naruto learning seals a lot earlier and having a bit of a darker past is a very humorous take at the whole time travel concept Now looking back, I really need to stop recing time travel fics. But most people took the other nonTT ones so lol. naruto's daughter time travel fanfiction

FanFiction unleash Home Community AnimeManga Naruto familynaruto timetravel. familynaruto timetravel. Follow. Focus: AnimeManga Naruto, Since: stories that encompass naruto having a family in future or yondaime is alive, time travel, or has a bloodline. stories will either be 10k or i just really like can't stop reading it. NO

Boruto and Sarada travel back in the time when team seven was alive. They don't want anyone to discover this, but it's just not possible to keep a secret with the two children. Oh, gosh. There is Narutosama and otousan too! And mother was just soo cute! Thought Sarada who began to fangirl in her head. the whose daughter are you? The Bonds of Time. Chapter 1: Prelude to a Vendetta A hard beginning maketh a good ending John Heywood (1546) Ancient legends speak of the Seiji Clan, and proud but terrible group of people responsible for shedding the unnecessary blood of hundreds to achieve their goal.naruto's daughter time travel fanfiction In my opinion at least these are excellent Naruto Time travel fanfics, where either Naruto, travels back to Yondaime time and helps out, his soul travels back and ends up in his old body and restarts his life after the Kyuubi attack, travels back and helps younger Naruto, maybe some others too.

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Naruto happy to see his wife since he left her in the morning lost concentration. The tunnel like entrance expanded causing things to be drawn towards it. Due to tami's weight, she was been drawn in. As naruto tried to reach for her, she slipped from his grasp and was plunged into the time portal. Naruto yelled her name and went in after her. naruto's daughter time travel fanfiction

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