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The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction The Vampire Diaries! Inferno Rating: 5. 0 Genres: Adventure, Their personalities are right on point. I love the fatherdaughter relationship between Klaus and Hope and how he's obviously matured some from the powerhungry hybrid Caroline(Vampire Diaries fan fiction) Amelia Saltzman is Alaric's daughter. After her mother's disappearance, she and her father learn all about the Supernatural and move to Mystic Falls. Yes, she may seem like the sweet, innocent, quiet girl but, everything is not what it seems: ) Damon Salvatore l the vampire diaries fanfiction alaric's daughter

Aleksandria Mikaelson: Protector of the Petrova doppelgnger, eldest daughter of Mikael and Esther Mikaelson, Viking warrior, and the first witchvampire hybrid. Lover of Tatia and Katerina Petrova, keeper of the moonstone, the missing link.

Read story Alaric's Daughter by dawnofdelia with 27, 352 reads. Disclaimer: I do NOT own any of the characters from The Vampire Diaries. Only my OC& other new c TV Shows Vampire Diaries. FollowFav Tear Away. I hope L. J. Smith or the CW doesn't pull an Anne Rice because I LOVE writing FanFiction about it! I don't own it, if I did, Ian Somerhalder would probably NEVER have clothes on! you laugh like I'm kidding Summary: Alaric found that he supposedly has a shy 16 year old daughter, thoughthe vampire diaries fanfiction alaric's daughter

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