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Contribute your knowledge to the name Sakura. My third daughter is named Sakura. We are not Japanese, but we appreciate the culture and are learning the language as a family. Our Sa is full of energy, bright as sunshine and instantly lifts the spirits of those around her. She is easily one of the most creative people I know.Mar 04, 2016 Naruto vine thing naruto. Sasuke Tells Boruto His Body is not Normal Anymore! Boruto Blushes Hearing Sasuke's Words Duration: 2: 27. Sage Mode Naruto 2, 001, 720 views sakura daughter name

Jun 18, 2017  Sarada Uchiha is in fact the daughter of Sakura and Sasuke, not Sasuke and Karin. This misconception was created when Sarada and Suigetsu found an umbilical cord in one of Karins drawers, and Suigetsu tested it positive to Saradas DNA.

Sakura is such a beautiful, traditional Japanese name. I love it's meaning so much. 3 There's nothing wrong with appreciating other culture's names. I'm not Japanese and I'm considering using this name as a middle name for a daughter if I have one in the future. Whether Karin is Sarada's biological mother or not has not been stated in canon, but adoptive mothers are real mothers in the full sense of the word, so Sakura is Sarada's real mother even if Karin is her biological mother. Likewise, adoptive daughters are real daughters of the parents who raise them without being related daughter name In the English dub of the original anime titled Cardcaptors, her name is Sakura Avalon. Princess Sakura (), alternate self of Sakura Kinomoto in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle Sakura Kakei ( ), a character from the manga Get Backers

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