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In the Gorean community of dance, there seems to have derived two distinct 'factions' of dance. While I personally believe that dance is dance is dance and trying to place a limited scope of what you CAN or SHOULD dance is a load of bosk dung, I've come to realize that in order to effectively communicate inside the community, we have to at least understand what these two onlineism terms have2. She starts to dance apparently fixed upon an imaginary slave pole [Note: see POLE DANCE for greater detail of that style of dance, but in this case the focus and highlight is upon the use of the veils. The slave pole serves more simply as a center of gravity for the slave to dance around 3. gorean dance competition

The Art of Creating a Gorean Slave Dance My name is mari RA, and I am owned in real life and online by Master Ra Al. I started to learn how to dance soon after I came to know and love Gor back in 1998. Since then, I have written and performed many dances and won many competitions. I have taught many girls the art of dance and seen them grow and

Bridgitte Habermehl Bridgitte owns a dance studio in Kitchener specializing in belly dancing and classical presentation. She has been featured on several television shows and appeared in music videos. Slave Dances There are many types of slave dances Belt Dance Chain Dance Dance of the 6 Thongs Need Dance Jun 25, 2018 It was decided to start off the week with a dance competition. Many of the girls from Caer Cadarn, both private slaves and slaves within the House of Runo slave house participated. Tabi went to work hunting down judges, gathering applications and organizing all the little details of the competition. The day of the competition arrived!gorean dance competition Dance competitions have strict guidelines for you to adhere to when preparing dances to perform.   Take a careful look at the rules regarding posts and timing.   Failure to adhere to the rules usually results in points being deducted or disqualification. There is nothing coy or teasing about a Gorean dancer if the dance

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