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2019-11-23 02:13

Aug 04, 2017 Karli Harvey is a married woman. She tied the knot with Benjamin Raymond with a wonderful wedding ceremony in 2015. Karley Harvey wedding was attended by friends and family. Most especially her both of parents Steve Harvey and Marcia Harvey were there in her special moment.Nov 06, 2015  Steve Harvey has had an emotional few weeks after giving his daughter Karli away at her wedding to Ben Raymond. In a video teaser from an upcoming episode of steve harvey daughters weddings

Jun 26, 2017  There are wedding bells in Lori Harveys future. The 20yearold stepdaughter of comedian Steve Harvey  has gotten engaged to Dutch soccer star Memphis Depay, the couples revealed on

Sep 25, 2019 Lesbian No The daughter of the power couple Steve Harvey and Marjorie Harvey, Lori Harvey, was set to form a union that might as well surpass her parents' marital vigor. Lori was engaged to marry a guy her father had approved. What about her most recent boyfriend? Jan 24, 2018 Karli is one of Steve's eldest children and the twin to Brandi Harvey. The fashion columnist and event host is married to Benjamin Raymond, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. The pairsteve harvey daughters weddings Sep 28, 2015 Posted in Lifestyle Tagged ben raymond, celebrity weddings, karli harvey, karli harvey wedding, legendary events, maria harper designs, marjorie harvey, steve harvey, steve harvey daughter karli ties the knot, steve harvey daughter marries, weddings

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Brandi Harvey, the daughter of Steve Harvey from his first marriage to Marcia Harvey. Brandi has grown to be an accomplished teacher and public speaker who does well for herself. Here you will find more information about her parents, family, biography much talked about marital status, kids and who her husband might be. steve harvey daughters weddings Jun 27, 2017  The daytime talk show hosts youngest stepdaughter, Lori Harvey, is engaged to Dutch professional soccer player Memphis Depay, Steve announced on Monday morning. Marjorie and I Nov 09, 2015 Steve Harvey welcomes his newly married daughter and soninlaw, Karli and Ben Raymond for a chat about their big day. Subscribe now to the STEVE HARVEY YouT

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