Kristinia debarge janet jackson's daughter

2019-11-14 22:02

May 09, 2016  Word on the street, rumors have been circulating for years about a secret daughter Janet Jackson may have had with James DeBarge. Now, the Jacksons are a very private family and I could certainly believe she had a child and gave it up. The familyNov 16, 2016  We recently shared the latest news that James Debarge made an appearance on his daughter Kristinias show Growing Up HipHop to discuss his alleged secret seed with exwife Janet Jackson you may recall the pair were briefly married from before cutting the union short with an annulment. For years now there have been rumors that Janet secretly carried a baby girl but kristinia debarge janet jackson's daughter

Oct 27, 2016  Kristinia DeBarge opens up reports that were running about her father James having an alleged secret daughter with Janet Jackson. Radar Online previously reported that Jackson

The exhusband of heavily pregnant pop star singer Janet Jackson has revealed that her present pregnancy is not her singers first. James DeBarge is holding on to the claims that Janet Jackson shares a daughter with him. DeBarge who made an appearance at his daughter, Kristinia's show Growing Up Hip Hop she confronted with the allegation. Sep 08, 2017  The woman says shes been in several foster homes, was homeless for 7 years and was even in a coma. The woman was brought on the show by Kristinias grandmother, James DeBarges mom who believes the woman is her granddaughter.kristinia debarge janet jackson's daughter

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