Sakura is kisame's daughter fanfiction

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Kakashi's Daughter Fanfiction. Who knew Kakashi, THE Kakashi of the Sharingan, had a daughter. To him, the day started as normal, doing the morning routine, meeting up with team 7, training, etc. He didn't need a wife, a child, not even a girlfriend. His career as a ninja, his st# fanfic# kakashi# naruto# ninjas# sakura# sasukeMay 11, 2013 Kisame has a daughter that he didn't know about. At age 4 her mother dies. At age 12 she is captured by Orochimaru and becomes one of his experiments for 3 years. sakura is kisame's daughter fanfiction

Sakura is Kisame's beloved daughter with enough bloodlust to make Itachi think twice about picking a fight with her. When she is introduced to the infamous group, Akatsuki, their first qustion is, Is she spoken for and if so, when can I kill him?

Jul 17, 2018 This is a newer version of my old challenge done with After losing in the chunin exams Boruto is given to Sakura as punishment for cheating in the exams (he becomes her child) and Sakura chooses to force feminizies him with the help of her daughter Sarada. Boruto is left th Naruto. Ive been sleeping with Hoshigaki Kisame, Sakura blurted out. Tsunade stared at her, face not changing a millimetre. I dont get the joke, Tsunade finally said. If only it was a joke. But there is a story to tell and a safe of dark secrets in the Hokage's office that Sakura never wanted to know is kisame's daughter fanfiction An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works

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Jean Kuran is the daughter of Juri and Haruka Kuran. The middle child, although she's different than the other Kuran's. Yuki is happy and joyful, Juri and Haruka are calm and collected, while Kaname is well Kaname. Jean is the quiet one, always reading her book or talking very rarely to her sakura is kisame's daughter fanfiction FanFiction unleash The more heated the kiss became, the more control Sakura lost. Her hands went from Kisames chest up to his broad shoulders and wrapped around his neck. His hands then went under the water and grabbed Sakura by her thighs and lifted her up and wrapped her legs around him. She moaned as she felt his hard body pressing Sarahs cock twitched and throbbed as she lay on her bed, tweaking and grasping at her nipples. She envisioned her daughter sucking on them lovingly, as she had done years ago. The woman moaned, and realized her cock was so hard it was pressing up against her belly.

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