Irish term of endearment for daughter

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Irish terms of endearment (Tarma Muirnise) Irish words that used with partners, children and other loved ones. Endearments for friends, children and lovers. A str my treasure; A stirn my little treasure; A thaisce my treasure; A leanbh my child; A pheata my pet; Endearments for lovers. A mhuirnnCan be used in an affectionate friendship or as a term of endearment to a child. 3. A ghr (uh GRAWH): Meaning Love. A more romantic endearment. 4. irish term of endearment for daughter

Feb 15, 2018  5 Irish Terms of Endearment. 3. Anamchara (pronounced annam kara) Is the Irish word for soul mate. 4. Mo mhuirnn (pronounced mu voorneen ) Like mo stirn it is the Irish for my darling or my sweetheart 5. Mo mhuirnn dlis (pronounced mu voorneen deelish) Is the Irish for my own true love or my faithful darling. There are just

Jul 28, 2012  Irish Endearments. Dude. Sweetie Pie. Buddy. Honey. Mack. Soulmate. Darling. Love. Sweetheart. English is full of friendly, sometimes casual, often endearing, terms that people use for one another some used for acquaintances; others reserved Oct 03, 2011  Not surprisingly, most terms of endearment are sweet foods. (Cutie pie, pumpkin pie, honey bunny). Although youll also hear a surprising number of savoryfoodinspired names for children, like peanut and potato. We sometimes call our oldest quinoa (calling him a fancy grain makes more sense when you know his name is Quinn).irish term of endearment for daughter Terms of Endearment Here are names used with affection for sweethearts and children. The meanings are not taken literally, just as when you call someone 'honey' you

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