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2019-12-13 14:00

Nov 02, 2016  High notes: B5 ( The Small Hours live 1998) G5 ( Of Wolf and Man ) F5 ( Runnin' with the Devil live 2017) F5 ( Battery live in New Jersey 1988, Blackened live Orion Festival 2013, Metal Militia Various live performances, My Apocalypse live at the 30 Year Anniversary) E5 ( Frantic , Let It Loose , Making of Hardwired video, Metal Militia live Old Warldorf 1982)May 19, 2015  James Hetfield Brings Daughter On Stage To Perform Beautiful Duet Inspirational Videos. Just one look at this proud papa and youll have no doubt that James Hetfield loves his baby girl. This precious duet brings so many smiles. What a moment to remember! Dance james hetfield daughter ballet

Current Band Members: Vocalistguitarist James Hetfield, Drummer Lars Ulrich, Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and Bassist Robert Trujillo. Former band members comprised of Lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, Bassists Ron McGovney, Cliff Burton and Jason Newsted. Much to the chagrin of underground fans, Metallica hit the mainstream with the release of their fifth album titled The Black Album.

Jun 24, 2011  With a trembling voice, he starts by telling James how inspirational he has found his efforts to mesh together Hetfield's family with his Metallica family, and jokes about his own struggles as a father by juggling taking a daughter to ballet, horseback riding, and james hetfield daughter ballet

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