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His daughter Katherine Davies, who was born to one of the cult members, had been so restricted she found it difficult to walk and could not cross the road by herself by the time she escaped aged 30.Dec 05, 2015  Aravindan Balakrishnan, 74, known as Comrade Bala, hid his daughter away in the extreme Leftwing commune for three decades, leaving her comrade bala daughter

Dec 04, 2015  A year later his daughter was born to Ms Davies, the result of electronic warfare, according to Comrade Bala, whose control grew ever more delusional. Sian Davies, his lover

Jan 29, 2016  Comrade Bala: Daughter of jailed cult leader waives right of anonymity to reclaim suppressed identity. Katy MorganDavies went public with Jan 22, 2017  The curious case of Comrade Bala Aravindan Balakrishnan's daughter: He took my freedom video Aravindan Balakrishnans daughter, Katy MorganDavies, discusses hercomrade bala daughter On 21 November 2013 Metropolitan Police from the Human Trafficking Unit arrested two suspects at a residential address in Lambeth, South London. A 73yearold ethnic Indian Singaporean man, Aravindan Balakrishnan, and a 67yearold Tanzanian woman, his wife, Chanda Pattni, had been investigated for slavery and domestic servitude. The case centred around the Workers' Institute of MarxismLeninismMao Zedong

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Jan 26, 2017 Leader of Maoist cult known as Comrade Bala who brainwashed his own daughter TWISTED Aravindan Balakrishnan, known as Comrade Bala, was jailed for 23 years for rape and false imprisonment in 2016 comrade bala daughter The trial of Comrade Bala The trial of Aravindan Balakrishnan, 75, is ongoing in London. Also known as Comrade Bala, he was a former Singaporean communist that is being accused of rape, indecent assault and even imprisoning his own daughter for 30 years. The Workers' Institute of MarxismLeninismMao Zedong Thought (spelled Tsetung until 1979) was a small Maoist political party based in Brixton, London. It was formed by Aravindan Balakrishnan in 1974 after his expulsion from the Communist Party of England (MarxistLeninist). Many of its members lived in a commune originally based at its headquarters. Dec 04, 2015  Cult leader Comrade Bala's daughter: 30 years as a 'nonperson Although her father and mother, Sian Davies, originally from Wales, lived with her, they lied to her, saying her parents were dead. They claimed her father was a Peruvian freedom fighter killed in a peoples war Dec 04, 2015  Serena Williams proves a doting mom as she cradles daughter Olympia, 23 months, at Nike's Queens of the Future event Shay Mitchell wears the

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