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Mar 20, 2013  Irene became an interior designer and raised her daughter. A secret heroism For a long time, her mothers heroism was a secret to daughter Jeannie. My mother put a do not disturb sign on the memories of that horrible time of her life, Smith told the March 12 gathering in Ventura.In July 1997, Irene Opdyke traveled to Israel with her manager, Alan Boinus, and his wife, publicist Rosalie Boinus, on a television story arranged by the Boinuses for ABC Primetime Live, which aired on 10 June 1998, reuniting Opdyke with Hermann Morks, one of the twelve Jews whose lives she saved. irene gut opdyke daughter

May 21, 2003  Irene Gut Opdyke, who risked her life in World War II by hiding Jews in a cellar beneath a German majors villa a story of courage that decades later would make her an internationally known

In many ways, the story of my mother's life seems too unbelievable, even for even Hollywood. What was it about Irene Gut Opdyke, that caused her to step out of the path of least resistance and get involved when so many others did not? May 21, 2003 Irene Gut Opdyke. But disappointed with the attitude of the Catholic Church during the war, the couple decided to get married at a Presbyterian church. They later lived in Yorba Linda in California where Irene Gut Opdyke ran her own business. Irene Gut Opdyke is survived by her daughter Jeannie Smith.irene gut opdyke daughter Smith's mother, born Irene Gut, was the daughter of a Polish architect and the eldest of five sisters. When Russia and Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Opdyke was 17 year old.

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Five years after her arrival in America, Irene Gut Opdyke became a United States citizen. By chance, she bumped into William Opdyke in a coffee shop near the United Nations, and they were married just a few months later. She and William had a daughter, Janina, and lived in southern California, far away from the war grounds of Europe. irene gut opdyke daughter In a postscript, we learn that after arriving in the US, Irena encountered Opdyke by chance and the two later married and had a daughter, Janina. Irena was finally able to visit Poland and reunite with her sisters in 1984, and she dedicated her later years to sharing her story and making sure the horrors of the Holocaustand the heroism of those who fought against itare never forgotten. Jeannie Smith is the daughter of Polish rescuer Irene Gut OpDyke who passed away on May 18, 2003. Irene received international recognition for her actions during the Holocaust while working for a highranking German official. ASTORIA Jeannie Smith, daughter of Polish Holocaust rescuer Irene Gut Opdyke, shares her mothers story at the Astoria Library at 7 p. m. Saturday, June 1. Irene Gut OpDyke ( ) received international recognition for actions she took while employed by a May 21, 2003  Survivors include a daughter, Jeannie Smith of Woodland, Wash. ; four sisters; two grandsons; and three greatgrandchildren. In the 1970s, when Mrs. Opdyke began speaking out more, a

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