Dancing down the aisle

2019-12-14 04:34

Jul 18, 2019 In 2009, Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz uploaded a YouTube video capturing their closest friends dancing down the aisle at their wedding. With that, an internet phenomenon was born.Dancing Down the Aisle. It's five minutes of pure joy as the St. Paul, Minnesota, couple and their wedding party break into a choreographed dance down the aisle to the tune of R& B singer Chris Brown's hit Forever. . As soon as I finished watching it, I immediately posted it to Facebook and sent it to my friends with only the comment, dancing down the aisle

Sep 17, 2014 Catherine Middleton walks down the aisle Duration: 6: 31. The Royal Family 10, 766, 617 views

Nov 18, 2018  Dancing down the aisle is just what I did on 20OCT2018. I danced down the aisle in memory of my Dad and so I didnt cry the entire way. I lost my Dad 4 years ago and was to date the hardest moment in life. My Dad was my rock, the lemon to my lemonade, because when there were lemons he always knew how to make lemonade for me. My Dad was and is one of the best men to walk. Jan 11, 2018 So I loved the office dancing down the aisle (and the youtube video it came from). Most ceremony processionals can be a little stale and in the video everyone seemed really into the processional clapping and having a good time. We're doing a destination wedding so it won't be traditional to begin with.dancing down the aisle

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