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Dance cycles 8 times through a called contra dance, a waltz, then a one step or mixer. About half the attendance will be experienced waltz dancers. from Friday Night Waltz and the other half will be experienced contra dancers. Each group will benefit from dancing with skilled dancers from the other danceFeb 13, 2011 Contra Dancing Gainesville @GAGA Beginners Lesson II with Cis Hinkle @GAGA Duration: 8: 22. Jim Crawford 34, 460 views. 8: 22. Best Brother Wedding Speech Kills Crowd (hilarious ending! ) contra dancing steps

Contra dancing and square dancing share many of the same basic steps, including swings, promenades, dosidos, and allemandes. As mentioned, there are some differences between the types of dancing. As mentioned, there are some differences between the types of dancing.

The Two Dog Waltz dance series lists some of the basic Contra Dance Steps and Moves pdf file Change of URL (June 9, 2007) The Miami Valley Folk Dancers include a discussion from rec. folkdancing about Why is it Called Contra Dance? from 1996. Heiner Fischle has written an Introduction to Contra Dancing. What is Contra Dancing? Contra is danced to Celtic, Quebecois, Old Time, New England, Southern Appalachian, Jazz, Blues, and all sorts of other music played by live bands, either from Atlanta or elsewhere. In a contra dance, parallel lines of dancers begin the dance by standing opposite or contra to their partners.contra dancing steps Appendix B CONTRA DANCE FIGURES. Allemande left (right): Two dancers take left (right) hands and walk around one another, pulling slightly on one another's arms to facilitate the turn. The grip is not the one we use to shake hands, but is a grip with the thumb pointing upward, with which it is possible to exert tension more effectively.

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