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2019-11-22 05:31

May 12, 2015  Even Zoe Saldana, who played Center Stage's rebellious but talented Eva Rodriguez, had some ballet training under her belt. Cooper Nielson Had AMay 17, 2014 Chatting with Zoe Saldana about dancing, Saint Laurent, and sunglass theft. Can we talk about Center Stage, And they're like, Zoe, every pair is your favorite. They're ruthless. zoe saldana dancing center stage

Zoe Saldana, Amanda Shull, and Susan May Pratt are among the ensemble for whom travel the clichs but ultimately present real character. While Fame will appeal to both students and adults alike, Center Stage is clearly aimed at teenagers who have ambitions similar to those expressed here.

Saldana broke through to the mainstream in a big way: starring in Nicholas Hytner's teen drama Center Stage, a film, ironically enough, all about ballet. As the wickedly talented but sourtongued zoe saldana dancing center stage

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