Kohistan dancing video case

2020-01-25 17:03

Dec 17, 2016  The Kohistan case unfolded in a conservative rural region where social mingling between genders is taboo. The girls participation in a coed singing partyABBOTTABAD: Police have made a major breakthrough in the sixyear old Kohistan video scandal case in which five women were killed, but the suspects kept denying it, saying the victims were alive. kohistan dancing video case

The Kohistan dance scandal, also known as the Kohistan video scandal, is a 2012 scandal in Kohistan, Pakistan. After a video of women and men celebrating together at a wedding was uploaded to YouTube on May 29, 2012, allegations were made saying that four women and two men were killed on the orders of tribal elders for violating local customs.

In May 2012, a grainy video of four women singing and clapping and two boys dancing had gone viral in the ultraconservative and remote district of Kohistan. Three of the women from the video clip In 2012, a wedding video emerged from a rural village in Kohistan, Kyber Pakhtunkhwa, showing men and women dancing and singing. After the video was leaked, a local jirga decreed the participantskohistan dancing video case Feb 08, 2014 Jamiat UlemaeIslamFazl (JUIF) leader and exMPA from Kohistan, Maulana Dildar Ahmed, has confirmed the deaths of all the characters of Kohistan video scandal. Don't forget to LIKE and SHARE

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The Kohistan video scandal made headlines in 2012 when the boys and girls were killed by members of their tribe on the orders of a jirga after a mobile phone video of them dancing at a wedding kohistan dancing video case

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