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2019-12-10 18:38

() show dance is one open category, with no age limitations Solo Clipdance Clipdance is a dance provided by Danssport Vlaanderen for beginning competition dancers in the age category Mini Kids (disco) and Children. This dance will be learned and practiced in the dance schools.Groove Dance Competition provides the most innovative, fun and highenergy dance competitions, dance conventions and instudio dance workshops in america. disco competition rules

Contestants must submit 1 (only one) recent and professional 810 headshot in color. Headshots must be mailed in to 36 Finnell Drive Unit 11, Weymouth, MA AT LEAST 1 WEEK PRIOR TO COMPETITION and are not guaranteed to be returned. If we do not receive a title photo, unfortunately a score of 0 will be given for that portion of the title score.

The IDO Dance Sport Rules& Regulations are applicable in their current version as published on the IDO website. They may be altered or amended at any time by the IDO presidium (to be confirmed by the next IDO Annual General Meeting). Changes of Book 3 (Rules for IDO Dance Disciplines) fall into the responsibility of the respective Dance Department. For details see IDO ByLaws, Art. 13. FLY Dance Competition is a family friendly competition. The use of profanity and vulgar language is strictly prohibited. Should any staff member or judge feel uncomfortable with a chosen song, there may be a point deduction andor disqualification.disco competition rules Platinum National Dance Competition 6825 Hill Park Dr. Suite A Lorton, VA.

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The Novice division is for dancers who train a maximum of three hours per week with little to no competition experience. Intermediate division is for dancers who study 47 hours per week and have limited competition experience. The Iconic division is for dancers who train more than 8 hours per week and have signification competition experience. disco competition rules Gymnastturneddancer, Elise Csizmadia, has beaten the odds on the competition floor and secured a starstudded spot in the world of dance. The 20yearold ballerina transformed her fears from gymnastics into motivation to embrace a new talent through the art of dance. A Young Gymnast Elise Csizmadia was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Competition Rules. The WDSF Competition Rules apply to all international WDSF DanceSport competitions granted to and organised under the responsibility of an WDSF National Member Body, including but not limited to competitions in Standard, LatinAmerican, Artistic Dance, Caribbean Dances, Folkloric Dances, Performing Art Dances, Smooth Dance, Urban Dances, Disco Dance.

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